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Welcome to MWDesign.

We provide affordable and professional design solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As well as design, we provide services including production, print management, photography, web development, illustration, artwork, all with creative concepts, fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

Further, we provide management and training for the latest technologies to keep you and your staff on the cutting edge.


We understand that first impressions last and therefore your corporate brand is very important to you. We can work with you to achieve an exciting, attractive brand for your business.


Looking for a logo for your new business? Whether you need a logo designed from scratch, a refresh of your current logo, or simply a digital rendering of your current logo. Our design services will start you in the right direction.


An attractive online presence is a requirement of most businesses in this age. We use the latest in technologies to produce beautiful, clean websites that are easy to navigate and exciting to look at.


We offer some great, inexpensive hosting packages. So alongside your web design package, we will organise and set up your hosting; giving you peace of mind and enabling you to get on with your business as usual.


As well as designing your website, hosting your website, we can also manage it. Looking after patching, security updates and content to ensure your customer is always getting the latest information.


We live in a time poor society, with little time to do the things we need to do. So we offer training so that you can know how to best utilise your new website, your new phone, your new tablet or your new computer.